C wpf binding not updating

17-Dec-2017 23:44

As this post will show, I’ve finally gotten around to it.

, in this case, has a few caveats (as one might expect).

Everything is done through binding to the View Model.

You literally can’t have less code in the that we defined above, which will inherit that data context. All together around 35 real lines of C# code and about 18 lines of XAML.

Hopefully, one method will be better than the other ;0)Normally what happens is that you get reviews for your "current" version, and then you make corresponding changes, and then you have an improved version that you can put up for a "follow-up" review as another post.

They both perform the same function, and the modification I made is actually quite minor.

View Model For some reason, I'd envisaged multiple properties would be updatable from the same observable/stream/method return value, but in my new View Model, I've circumvented the multiple calls by storing the returned object, rather than separately storing each individual property from the returned object. I've documented the changes I made to my code because I'm hoping someone will tell me where I'm going wrong in both versions.

Also please do not edit the code in question any further (you are free to modify the rest of your question though).

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Now we have our minimal MVVM framework, we can move on to create our application.View: This should just bind to the View Model and make stuff look pretty.

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