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We have managed to have sex once in the last two weeks but even then it was only a slight erection and didn't last very long.

This is very frustrating for the both of us because we are normally very sexually active three to four times a week.

However, anyone who gets recurrent erection problems should have a test for diabetes. I'm sorry you don't have any faith in him - especially as you need medical help at the moment. Given that you don't feel your GP is very sympathetic, I would definitely go to a Brook clinic if I were you – and the number David's given you will help you find out where your nearest one is. Is there any worry about redundancy looming on the horizon?

If you don't want to let him sort it out, then a good source of help available to the under-25s (such as yourself) is the Brook advisory service for young people. The other thing I would like to say is that it might help if you examine what's happening in your life right now. A man's erection can be affected by loads of factors – so maybe you can have a think and see if you've got any special worries, or whether there are any changes in your life that might have generated this problem.

This will help her frustration and you will feel better about yourself, because you are pleasing her.

Best wishes Dr David Delvin, GP, and Christine Webber, sex and relationships expert Can I take Cialis for my erection probem – even though I suffer from high blood pressure?

I've been to see the doctor who says my blood pressure is ok and he has sent me for a blood test.

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It may be wise to try and reach agreement with your employer though, as opposed to using up your holiday entitlement.

There are exceptions to where your employer has to give you notice, and this mainly applies where your holiday entitlement exceeds the statutory minimum of 28 days (including bank holidays).