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or you get charged 100 pounds a day for the privilegegreat job if you are money driven, but expect to never be at home Busy workplace is very busy but manageable. I always know I can ask for help from my team members. We also have team nights out which I feel builds better relationships for in work.

During my work experience with the company I was given a good insight into the production of vehicles by them and what working life was like. Enjoyable workplace, meeting new people and making new friends is a plus.

Prioritize my workload to reach the targets required. Started as a technician just left an apprenticeship and now I'm managing the workshop.

Enjoy working there but everybody is to laid back (lazy) or don't care about there job so things either don't get done properly or not at all.

Buttons are by no means the defining point of a car, but those on the Leaf’s steering wheel are a disappointment: they feel cheap and lightweight. The model I had featured an optional, seven-speaker Bose audio system with a subwoofer, and even comes with a CD player.

Music sounded great in the Leaf, and remained clear at high volume levels.nbh Cards.configuration = { paths: , facebook_sharing: , language: { video_close : "CLOSE", search_tab_answers : "QUESTIONS & ANSWERS", search_tab_testimonials : "RATINGS AND REVIEWS", search_description : "HAVE A QUESTION?