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02-Dec-2017 03:13

hoe." Even though we're both fans of i KON and love each member, we both still have our biases. Let's be honest here, I don't need no man. It's not some group on Facebook created by some amateurs." Who would spend their money on stuff like that? A slide show on the left keeps me interested and not bored. "Well, I'm going to compliment his hair, his voice, his appearance, his-" "Okay, okay. ' Cuz she literally writes all that stuff down in that box which was empty a few seconds ago.

When I type in the website's name the first thing that catches my eyes are the many pictures of the one and only Junhoe. I have to write something as well." She stares at me with an open mouth, but huffs and doesn't utter a word. If there's one thing my sister isn't, then that's a liar.

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I push her away, but I'm still showing it to her smiling proudly. I'm not entirely sensing a congratulations, but not this either: "I'll tell mom! " "I'll tell her what kind of a compliment you wrote him." She crosses her arms giving me a challenging look. "That's not what the photos on my phone are telling me." Desperately waving her arms from side to side, she finally gives in: "Okay, I won't tell mom, but please don't tell her anything about my dating life." How ignorant. I'm not even proud of it, and I know that I'm in deep shît when my sister tells my mom about it. I think I actually can see sweat froming on my sister's forehead as I'm about to press the send button. so that one will be written a little bit differently.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction June Hoe Queen97: gr8 so im first dont be 2 shocked when u see it ;) Hanaa Baananaa: umm wtf boi see what?? We click on the 'be a fan' button and wait. Above the box there is one simple command: Compliment Junhoe "Simple isn't it?

book in the social media series] "Look what I've found Hana." My sister eagerly points at her cracked i PHONE screen. Well, try to search it up, before I remind myself that I have no idea of what the group is called. "I wouldn't be surprised if Junhoe has created this himself", I joke. Let's stop talking and rather sign up." So we do. "It says that the person behind this, will add us on snapchat if our answers are satisfying." Her eyes lit up almost to the point where they are glistening.

He pressed his hands on your shoulders as you kept your head low. You smiled and raised your hands to his back, pulling him into a hug. It's 100% real and don't deceive yourself. It's definitely Ji Yong Kiko as well as 2NE1's stylist; Xin, was there.

Ji Yong raised an eyebrow and lifted your chin to look at him. "Just forget about everything and have fun with me." Ji Yong smiled. If you ain't convince, go check it out at the website given below! I don't actually mind as long as Kiko has a good character. While my sister is sitting next to me sobbing, I cry tears of happiness and joy. I hope I get accepted by this person so that I can wipe this on my annoying sister's face, and also because that would be even more hilarious than it is now. " I roll my eyes, but not for too long 'cuz a message pops up on my laptop screen seconds later.