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04-Oct-2017 10:08

The new century has seen the emergence of technologies that allow the public to bypass the traditional mass media for access to news, to comment in real time on emerging news stories, or to report their own news information.Most significant is probably the Weblog, or 'blog', a reverse chronological order list of the writings of an individual or group.The results may also inform those who need to understand the types of news stories that attract the interest of bloggers for commercial and political reasons.Businesses (Glance 2004) and politicians (Coleman 2005) that take note of bloggers would benefit from more information about the kinds of topics that bloggers are interested in as a way of understanding bias (if any) in (i.e., the totality of blogging activity on the Web).

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One previous study has explicitly compared the volume of blogging of the news with the volume of news discussions in U. Surprisingly, blog and news volumes for individual topics showed almost no correlation over time, despite similar topics being extensively discussed.

Part of the shift has been to online newspapers associated with offline newspapers or broadcasters.